Introduction to Handwriting Analysis

No two handwritings are alike, just as there are no two identical fingerprints in the world.

There have been some 300 plus books published on Handwriting Analysis or Graphology, as it is more commonly called.

Novices are well advised to read the various books and acquaint themselves with the different approaches of analyzing and identifying personality traits. A word to the wise: Whenever you find conflicting methods or findings, do not get discouraged and keep on reading. You can work with what you have proved to yourself as being valid and discard what does not meet with your views. By reading different authors, you will widen your scope of understanding and at one point you will find that it all comes together for you. Some sections are pure fun, others may seem tedious and boring, yet those are the ones that may be the most important elements of the handwriting that contribute to the final personality profile.

Handwriting Analysis is a scientific method of measuring pen strokes and identifying personality traits. It becomes an art when evaluating the various findings and the effect different traits have on each other, in order to establish the personality and character of an individual.

Graphology cannot identify gender of the writer. It is therefore important that certain information be provided about the writer, such as approximate age, gender, left hand or right hand writer, etc.

The best way to learn the art of handwriting analysis is by checking for classes at your local colleges, or by having a handwriting expert mentor.

Skylar Khan has been a practitioner of Graphoanalysis for over 25 years.

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